Fire Forged in Norfolk

Traditional Ironmongery from time-served master blacksmith Nigel Barnett’s forge in Norfolk.

Fransham Forge at is located on an eight acre site in Norfolk and boasts a museum, showroom, workshop and garden for exhibiting sculptures. The Forge is 3200 square feet, (297 square metres) and includes

  • 10 power hammers with forging capabilities of up to 10ins stock bar
    • Sir Kay a 1923 1 cwt Hattersley and Davison spring hammer
    • Arthur a 1955 5 cwt Massey clear space air hammer.
    • Sir Bedivere a 25 kg Anyang ST power hammer
    • Sir Ector a 2005 60 kg Sahinler air hammer
    • Sir Dinadan a 40 kg Anyang ST power hammer
    • Sir Hoel a Mills horizontal hydraulic press
    • Sir Malegant a 1921 1/2 1 cwt Goliath spring hammer
    • Sir Cador a 1922 100 ton german friction screw press
    • Sir Caradoc a 1955 200 ton Finlay hyraulic screw press
    • Sir Griflet a 1948 4 cwt Massey drop forging hammer
    • Sir Yvain a 1940 4 cwt Massey drop forging hammer
    • Sir Mordred a 1 cwt Hercules power hammer
    • Sir Bors a 1930 120 ton Massey friction screw press
    • Sir Palamedes a 15 kg Anyang ST power hammer
    • Sir Gawain a 15 kg Anyang ST power hammer
    • Sir Galahad a 75 kg Anyang ST power hammer
    • Sir Lancelot a 1952 2 cwt Massey air hammer
    • Sir Dagonet a 2005 Sahinler 50 kg air hammer
    • The Sisters 2 x Billington and Spencer co 7cwt 1908 drop hammers
  • Oil and gas fired furnaces capable of working materials of 4ft square
  • 300 tonne bending capabilities
  • Full sandblasting and & finishing capabilities to an approved restoration standard.
  • High definition CNC plasma cutting up to 25mm thick  
  • Welding capabilities up to 500 amp
  • 60 kw induction heating forge
  • 2 x 4 CWT drop forging hammers
  • Power section and plate rolls
  • 5 fully equipped forging stations

Whilst standard handforged ironmongery and ironwork is available as depicted on the website, Blacksmith Nigel Barnett is also very happy to take on specialist commissions. Visitors always receive a warm welcome.

The owner of Fransham Forge is Nigel Barnett whose background was in specialist welding, including coded pipe welding standard, and this naturally led him into steam engine restoration. Nigel settled in Norfolk and completed a two year traditional blacksmith course at Hereford allowing him to reopen the forge at Fransham. The training and standard of work has now earned Nigel the title of master blacksmith and he has undertaken many public commissions across the world.

All ironwork shown on the website is handmade at the forge and represents only a small selection of the extensive range of ironmongery produced. If you are in need of ironwork specially made to your requirements or a piece of period ironwork restored, please contact us .

Green Induction

Please note wherever possible we use friendly fuels and electric induction heating. This speeds up our forging process which uses green electric energy from wind turbines in our coastal area. We are working with our carbon charter to reduce our carbon footprint.

We also look after 4.5 acres of woodland sculpture trail. This years crop has included the maintenance of our three bee hives, 45 birds nest, 2 peacocks, a nest of wild bees, rooks in a suitcase and molly our forge cat!