Anyang ST Power Hammer Dies

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Anyang ST Power Hammer Dies

Price is per pair ( with the exception of the Barnett Bottom Dies )

Please contact us at the forge to check stock levels of each type of die before purchasing.


About 20 years ago, I got fed up with my apprentice not turning up to work because he had a hangover from a party at the weekend, leaving me to work on my own. So, I designed this tooling system to allow me to hold all my swage tools steadily in position with one hand. This also allows me to use many different tool systems including converting my power hammer into a hot cut guillotine, and I will show you all the different tool systems over the next few issues. The Anyang ST Barnett Bottom Die system uses a standard stock bar as a location peg that you can attach to all your tooling. I have many different sizes in stock for anyone that wants one, but it should fit all Anyang hammers. The swage location hole is set down 17mm from the top surface of the die, these are then used with standard flat top dies and allows you to forge normally. Also, it still allows you to cut tenons in on the straight edge dies. You will notice a lot of the power hammer dies on the market have holes drilled in on the sides to allow you to bolt tooling to the pallets. I never do this as I find it ridiculously dangerous when the top die block snaps bolts or becomes loose and fires the die out at you. This may work on a low power home-made rubber band hammer as they do not have a strong enough hit shear the bolts, but they may still come loose. You can also overweight your top ram and alter your low pressure hold up. As we are all hot metal movers, I try to make tooling as safe as possible and safety in our workshop is very dear to us all.

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